Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Next Step

        Anyone knows that when you face a long and difficult trial or journey, the key to moving on is to put one foot in front of the other and take the next step.  Some steps in the journey are painful, even fearful.  Others are just mundane, ordinary, monotonous.  There are times on the journey, however, when joy peeks through with hope of what may come.  Today was one of those days for Marshall Best.  After working diligently for the past five years, he was able to hold the first four books in the Guiamo series in his hands.

       Some may say big deal, many authors have done this before.  Yes, they have.  I would venture to say that every one of them, at least earlier in their writing career, celebrated when they saw their "baby" for the first time.  Writing at its best should be a work of love.  When we love what we are writing about we pour our hearts into it and the words flow like water.  Marshall has done just that with the Guiamo series.  That's not to say that he's never had times where he had writer's block or wasn't sure where to take the story line next. Any writer will have times of frustration; however, Marshall LOVES writing this series.  He is thrilled when the pieces of his story fall neatly in line with real history or peoples.  He enjoys doing the research needed to make his story as authentic as it can be.  He loves bringing legends to life.  And so today we celebrate the arrival of his "new babies".  They aren't all grown up yet....they still need some polishing....but soon they will be ready for others to hold in their hands.

                                       Congratulations Marshall!

Marshall with two of his sons and his new "babies".
The main character in his books, Guiamo, was modeled after his 15 year old son on the right who has had an inventive spirit since he was very young.

   The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo

     Inis Emain Ablach

Part of Marshall's library, the nice looking part.  Many others are stacked in the basement.  Notice the binders at the bottom left.  These are all his research information on genealogies, maps, tribes, etc... of Rome, Gaul, England, Scotland and Ireland.  In the upper right is his Loeb Classical Library which he draws from for his quotes at the beginning of each chapter and forms the basis for much of the storyline.  He has read every one.

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