Monday, May 13, 2013

Why a Few Moments of Your Time Can Bring Joy to an Author

      Authors write for various reasons.  As I've entered into the world of authors while marketing Marshall's book, some describe it almost as a need to survive, as if something burns inside of them.  The only way to find relief is to write.  I'm not a writer to the degree my husband is, but I can relate to this feeling.  Sometimes the thoughts swirl so strongly that you have to put them to the page.  There are others who write for money.  Their job consists of finding information, stories, new achievements to share with the world.  There have been many that have fallen into writing as Marshall did.  What began as a loving father or mother telling simple stories to their children grew into something larger than they ever expected.
     Marshall started writing Guiamo over five years ago for our son William, then age 10.  He never dreamed it would become a nine volume historical fantasy series.  He thoroughly enjoys writing and he feels he has  put together quite a compelling story.  It's important as a writer to be true to yourself and write what you think and feel is the proper story.  Whether anyone else likes Guiamo, Marshall does; however, it's nice when you find out your love of a story is shared.  
     Today, someone took the time to type a few words on Amazon.  It may not seem like a big deal to them; however, others have read the story, said they liked it and moved on.  This young man taking a few moments out of his day brought joy to my husband and myself.  We all like to be told we have done a good job.  The effort we put into our work, whatever it may be is important to us.  Someone on twitter once said that they wanted to support authors but they were just not wealthy enough to buy the books.  I responded that the best way she could support the authors was to write a review once she read their story.  It doesn't take much time but it means a lot.  It's a shout out to the world that a book is worth their time.  So why not take a few moments at the end of each book you read and tell the world what you thought.  It's not hard and it might make some author's day.  I know it made Marshall's.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Goodreads Giveaway - Two Signed Copies of Cumoro by Marshall Best

   Nearly 1200 people entered the Goodreads giveaway for a copy of book one in The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo.  It seemed a good time to start a giveaway on Goodreads for book two.  We will be giving away two signed copies of Cumoro, book two in the Guiamo Chronicles, shipped anywhere in the world.  We are connecting with more and more readers who seem to have an interest in the series.

     Now is the time to get your copy of Guiamo and read it in hopes of winning book two!  The e-book of Guiamo is only $2.99.  It is not available through Amazon yet, but hopefully will be soon.  You can purchase it on Smashwords where you can download it in various formats.  It is also available along with the print copy through Barnes & Noble.  If you'd rather have a book to hold in your hand but can't afford to buy it right now, why not ask  your library to order a copy for everyone in  your area to share?  If you are the type that saves up all their money for books, well, then feel free to order Guiamo or any of the other books through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  If you do get a copy of the book and enjoy the story, be nice and share the adventure with others.  Don't be stingy!  We truly believe this is a great series.  We're just waiting for you , the readers, to confirm that to us.  The world is swimming with books everywhere, so thank you for your interest in Marshall's work.  We count in a great honor that you are taking some of your day to spend with us.

     Guiamo has many lessons to learn, adventures to experience, foes to vanquish.  Come along on the journey with him.  We think you'll enjoy it!

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