Friday, September 27, 2013

Discover New Independent Authors

It's Friday once again and a perfect day to share some places where you  might find your next favorite author.  This is Independent Author Promotion Month and thanks to Cate Russell-Cole of CommuniCate Resources for Writers, there are several blog hops where you can discover new authors.

Pick a blog hop or two* to explore and when you're done there, you might want to head over to Self Publisher's Showcase, a new site to connect readers and writers.  You'll find interviews, reviews and more.

Since Marshall is a fantasy writer, we'd also like to share with you the list we've put together of fantasy authors we've met on Twitter.  Just one more place to connect with some great talent.  The imagination is boundless it seems.

If you have discovered an independent author you enjoy who isn't listed, comment in that genre to share with the rest of us.  You  may also want to contact them and encourage them to add their blog to the hop.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy reading!

Romance Writers 
Christian Works
Crime, Thriller and Suspense
Young Adult
Memoir/Autobiography/Life Story
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Non-Fiction Authors

*The blog hops above have ended.


  1. Thank you so much for publishing the list, I appreciate it! Anything I can do to give Independent authors a voice, I am happy to do.

    Very best wishes to you both.

  2. You're welcome Cate. Hopefully some readers will take the time to sit down and discover some new authors. Thanks for your willingness to help others in their journeys as authors.

    Marshall and Tracey


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