Friday, August 16, 2013

Suggestions for Some Great #FridayReads

Are you looking for something new to read, something new to discover?  Let me introduce you to a few authors we have run across on our new journey in marketing Marshall's books.  And of course, please take a moment to read about Guiamo Chronicles as well!  The links below will take you to the authors' Amazon pages; however, many have e-books available through Smashwords as well for those who do not own a Kindle.  So grab a seat, stay awhile and maybe you'll find your next favorite author!

Brian Rathbone is a horse trainer turned author and creator of The World of Godsland fantasy series, which includes Call of the Herald, Inherited Danger, Dragon Ore, Regent, Feral, and Regal. He is also the author of the Sam Flock novels, a paranormal adventure series that begins with Lure.

Michael R. Hicks is a top selling science fiction author. Born in 1963, Michael Hicks grew up in the age of the Apollo program and spent his youth glued to the television watching the original Star Trek series and other science fiction movies, which continue to be a source of entertainment and inspiration.

Alon Shalev lives and writes in two worlds. His first epic fantasy novel, At The Walls Of Galbrieth, won the 2013 Eric Hoffer Book Award - YA Category and was a Grand Prize Finalist. The sequel, The First Decree, was released in March 2013, and the third book in the series, Ashbar, is expected in October.

That's all for now....check back in the morning and I'll add some more.

Well, it's not the's 11:00 p.m. but that's how life goes with a family.  If you would like to see me repeat this post next Friday with other authors, please leave a comment below.  It is amazing to me how many talented writers there are out there.  It would take a lifetime or more to read them all.  We all have different tastes and if Guiamo isn't your preference, we'd like to connect you with another author you may enjoy.  Below are a few more authors you might want to try.  Happy reading!

Oskar's Garden by Fresno Parker
In 1924, a veteran who has served with Marek's father in the Polish/Soviet war of 1920 comes to stay at the family boarding house near Chicago. Nobody realizes the man has a hidden agenda that isn't revealed until long after his death.

Years pass, and Marek learns that the veteran has left an inheritance. He only has to travel to Poland with the veterans ashes to receive it. It seems so easy on the surface, but Marek learns that Oskar has left a village of dark secrets and a toubled past behind.

Marek Zemple stands to gain more than he could have imagined if he has the courage to do what is right against all odds. An enigmatic young woman, a ruthless Polish general, and the invasion of the Nazi's are just a few of the obstacles he must face.

Finbar's Fiddle by Silas Champion
What happened after the cow jumped over the moon?

Well a lot. And most of it never made it into the book of rhymes. Which is exactly what Eleven-year-old Dallas McAllister discovers when she wakes up one morning dangling from a giant willow tree. Rescued by a fiddling cat named Finbar, Dallas makes her way through the land looking for Mother Goose.

With her knowledge of the rhymes, Dallas becomes famous for "knowing" the future. But when Old King Cole sends her deep into the Far Forest to rescue Humpty Dumpty, Dallas needs more than rhymes to stay alive. After all, Mother Goose never wrote anything about giant trolls and hungry wolves. How can a girl from Nebraska and fiddling cat do what all the king's men could not?

Silas Champion takes us on a merry romp through the nursery rhymes of Mother Goose. We follow Dallas as she learns there is more to these old rhymes than she ever suspected. There is more to Dallas as well.

The Art of the Knuckle Sandwich: Learning to get back up when life knocks you down
by Mr. Ricky M. Hansen Jr.
Not at all what you would expect from the title, this story has to deal with battling depression, learning from life lessons and overcoming.  Check it out!  And a Knuckle Sandwich won't be what you expect.  I'm' looking forward to reading this someday.

Well, it's late, so we'll end it there.  If you end up trying one of these authors and enjoy them, please come back, comment and let us know.  Are you looking for books in a specific genre?  Let me know that too and I'll try to find ones to fit your interests.

In addition to these, please stop on over and visit the Self Publishers Showcase where you can find many other independent authors with great books.  We'll be talking to Paul Martin, founder of the site, in the weeks to come.

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